ABCD School of Coffee in Bali: Appreciation Classes

The long-awaited course comes to Bali. I’m there! Definitely there!


ABCD School of Coffee was started in Jakarta. The learning center focuses on raising appreciation over coffee in general through classes that are designed not only for those who want to gain barista skills, but also to have a better understanding and further knowledge about coffee itself.

Since August 2014, ABCD School of Coffee has run over a hundred fully-booked classes. Participants mostly come from Jakarta, with additional enthusiastic ones from Singapore, Malaysia, Medan, Jambi, Riau, Bandung, Surabaya, Makassar, and more.

We are now starting to hold Appreciation Classes in Bali.

For more detailed information about ABCD School of Coffee, please click here.

What is Appreciation Class?

Appreciation Class is the A of ABCD School of Coffee. The lecture runs two hours long. PhatUncle™ Hendri Kurniawan – Founder and Chief Trainer of ABCD School of Coffee – will share the basic knowledge on coffee; from the old history of coffee…

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