Milk and Madu: Biblical or Not, I’d Rather Focus on the Goods

When one reads the name Milk and Madu, it’s rather quirky, no? Madu is honey in Indonesian and these two words when paired remind me of something biblical. Ah yes. It’s from the Exodus (yes, you may recall the bible-inspired movie; no, it’s not the one with Brad Pitt in it, that’s Troy, come on).

Twas one cloudy morning

The founders of the ah-ma-zing Watercress helped pave the way for Milk and Madu to get going several months back and I have to applaud them for constantly serving full-house crowds come breakfast or brunch. It was raining hard when I arrived but boy how relieved I was to get the last available table.

Expect home-feel ambiance indoor and outdoor. I’m a sucker for this setting.

I jumped straightaway for the coffee. Similar to its Batu Belig counterpart, Revolver Espresso joins in and it’s like the confetti of the breakfast party. Without hesitation I ordered my fix, the flat white (Rp 38k). Honestly I had a doubt about whether the barista will do justice to Revolver’s beans but after one sip, oh yeah, they learned from one of the best!

The menu is simple and should guide you along easy. Just to be safe and not missing out on what’s cooking in the kitchen, I opted for Milk & Madu Specialties. The section has four items, all popular all sound wonderful.

Needless to say more. Seriously.

Meet the champ: Poached Eggs over Smashed Peas, Feta, Mint, Lemon & Olive Oil on Grilled Sourdough (Rp 70k). I tried my best to fit in every part of the dish on my fork and the effort paid off. I was smiling ear to ear right after my first munch and went on like that the whole morning. I never thought I could enjoy peas before that day but this dish is so rich in taste and texture, I want more and more. Lemon, olive and feta of course work well but the unique hint of mint kept me going. Don’t even let me tell you about the poached eggs. They were like oozing (and waving) HELLO to me. I waved back smirking.

Great job Milk and Madu. You set the bar high again, people of Watercress. A trip to the now-so-popular Canggu will not be complete without a munching stop here. Efficient service amidst the demanding tables to attend to. Cheeky barista, helpful waitresses and warm smiles. Oh yes, I’ll be back soon.

Ah see. Cheeky barista on duty making everyone’s fixes.
Stellar partnership eh?

Canggu-bound? Then you’ll not only get the beach, but also this. Exactly why I am very fond about this part of the island.

Milk and Madu | Jalan Pantai Berawa 52, Canggu, Bali | p: +62 361 4081872 | $$$$$

Instagram: milkandmadu | Facebook: Milk and Madu | Twitter: Milkandmadu | Website: Milk and Madu


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